Risk analysis Dutch Defense Academy (NLDA)

by | 8 April 2020 | Defence, Monopoly of Violence

“Not nice to hear, but good to know.” That’s how General T.W.B. Vleugels sums up the message of an “integrity risk analysis” that the COID (Central Defense Integrity Organization) and G&I have jointly carried out at NLDA.

The risk analysis, conducted in the academic year 2012-2013 at the KMA (Breda) and the KIM (Den Helder), focuses on the process of military training and education. On February 17, the report was presented to General Vleugels, commander of the NLDA.

A risk analysis is primarily intended to detect what could go wrong in an organization in terms of integrity. The situations marked as “risk” in the report are therefore not actually breaches of integrity.

The report results in three structural recommendations and five recommendations with a more urgent character.

In his offer letter, General Vleugels writes: “This report is of great importance to the NLDA. You will find guidelines that go beyond symptom relief. Many of the recommended measures are fundamental in nature. Like the authors of the report, I expect that the full implementation of the recommendations will take three to five years. This is a challenge that NLDA has started today. I am sure that the recommended additional investment in the executives of the future will have an oil spill effect in the armed forces. “

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