Governance & Integrity International is on a mission. Every human being has a right to be a citizen of a democracy with a decent government. G&I thinks of that as a central human right, because the realization of other rights depends on it. 

G&I has a track record of working on the integrity of government organizations and anti-corruption for over 25 years. We design and install integrity (systems) on all levels of government, for the civil service and for political bodies. Our systems combine a moral learning process with a practice of compliance.  In many cases, the design and building of a department of integrity and anti-corruption within the government organization and the education and coaching of its professionals lies at the heart of the G&I praxis. 


For G&I the decision to enter a nation is always strategic. We grow and move around the globe in a deliberate way. G&I looks at the chances of success, at the geopolitical impact, at the potential for a regional hub, at civilizational relevance. The willingness of the citizenry to fight for democracy and decent government is also key. When we enter a nation, we plan to stay. Whenever and wherever possible G&I creates a local subsidiary. We understand the work on the integrity of government and anti-corruption as a long-term endeavour, and act within a time-horizon of multiple generations. Because of the need for continuity G&I will, at times, work pro bono.

Our work in a nation usually starts in a particular and deliberately chosen municipality. Within that chosen city, G&I will work on the creation of a broad coalition in support of integrity and anti-corruption ; citizens, civil society, the business community, democratic political parties. Depending on the situation in the country and the city, this coalition-building can take on elements of democracy-building.

Out of this city, if and when this local breakthrough has been achieved, G&I will then move sideways, toward other cities, and upward, toward national government organizations. At this stage, after the breakthrough, G&I actively encourages other integrity-professionals and -organizations active in the country to compete with it, to imitate and learn from its praxis. 

G&I has been active in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. The decisive episode was the participation of G&I in the build-up of the bureau of integrity in the city of Amsterdam. Since then, G&I has become the biggest and most influential provider of integrity services to government organizations in the Netherlands. G&I is involved with over half of the Dutch municipalities, most all provinces and several national ministries, the police, the armed forces and the judiciary.

G&I has been active in Belgium for over 10 years. It started its work in cooperation with the bureau of integrity of Antwerp, and now works closely with the association of all Flemish municipalities as well as a growing number of its members. G&I has created a Belgian subsidiary.

G&I has been active in the (Dutch) Caribbean for over 10 years. The local breakthrough was the work on a code of conduct and a design for an integrity bureau for the civil service of the island of Curacao. G&I is now active on all the former Dutch islands. It directly advises those governments and is working on creating a regional integrity and anti-corruption infrastructure. G&I has created a Caribbean subsidiary.

G&I has been active in Ukraine for over 10 years. It has concentrated its efforts on Lviv, the main city of  western Ukraine. In cooperation with the mayor and his team, and local civil society, it introduced concepts and methods of integrity and anti-corruption and slowly but surely built trust. Two years ago, G&I started to build a bureau of integrity and anti-corruption within the municipality, and to educate and coach its members. A local breakthrough with national impact could be imminent. 

In the last 5 years G&I has begun to apply what it has learned within governments about the integrity of organizations to the global financial system and to global civil society.

In the last year, G&I has initiated a significant reorganization in its government related work. It has consolidated all activities directly related to the monopoly of violence of the state across the nations where it works, into one global unit. 

Going forward, G&I is now ready for a push into a new group of nations. It is actively looking to begin to work in Greece, Morocco and Turkey. It is involved in early explorations with regard to Bulgaria, Venezuela and Bangladesh. G&I is investigating the possibilities to set up a new regional hub in New Zealand.

In many cases the government organizations themselves pay for the services of G&I. In certain circumstances, that is not prudent or not possible. In those cases, the work of G&I is financed by grants.