About G&I

 Governance & Integrity International works on the integrity of organizations. It does that to enable those organization to consistently act in accordance with justice.

G&I International analyzes, (re)designs, upgrades and builds integrity-systems for and within organizations. At the core of such systems, G&II installs a professional department of integrity and anticorruption. G&II furthermore offers specific integrity services to organizations if and when needed.

An integrity-system consists of two subsystems, a moral learning process and a practice of compliance. Those subdivide each once more: into ethos and moral deliberations; into prevention and repression. Ethos and moral deliberations inform decisions, prevention and repression fight violations.


Governance & Integrity International maintains that every citizen of the world has a right to a democratic and decent government. G&II understands this as the most fundamental human right because the implementation of all other human rights depends on it. G&II therefore regards the work on the integrity of government organizations and against their corruption as central to its mission.


Global units

G&II moves in a deliberate and strategic way. It is now active in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Caribbean and Ukraine, working with government organizations. It will enter a handful of other nations in the next decade. It has created global units to work with civil society organizations, financial institutions and multinational corporations across the world. It recently created a global unit to specifically work with the government institutions that handle the monopoly of violence: the armed forces, police, and judiciary.

Governance and Integrity International is a dedicated organization of professionals: philosophers, legal experts, organizational consultants. It is goal oriented and intellectually driven. It aims to work with courageous forerunners, with those who have committed to real change and with organizations in crisis that urgently need help.