Emergency support during Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic threatens societies and citizens everywhere. Governments, health care and citizens have to face this threat together to overcome it. G&I International supports these efforts wherever it is present. GII strengthens the ability of organizations, managers and professionals to make the right decisions and to prevent wrongdoing in these extremely challenging circumstances.

Justice in times of corona means saving lives, mourning the dead and finding a way out that works.

Governance & Integrity International

Governance & Integrity International works on the integrity of organizations. It does that to enable those organization to consistently act in accordance with justice. G&I International analyzes, (re)designs, upgrades and builds integrity-systems for and within organizations. At the core of such systems, G&II installs a professional department of integrity and anticorruption. G&II furthermore offers specific integrity services to organizations if and when needed.

Emergency support during Covid-19

G&II offers to facilitate moral deliberations around difficult corona decisions for government organisations, local governments, health organizations and civil society organizations. It will do the same for financial institutions with regard to decisions relating to the economic crisis.


 Every human being has a right to be a citizen of a democracy with a decent government. G&I thinks of that as a central human right, because the realization of other rights depend on it.  G&I has an extensive track record of working on the integrity of government organizations and anti-corruption.